Our Technology Staff

  • Mr. Robert Junna, Director of Technology
  • Mrs. Debbie Motycka, Technology Learning Specialist
  • Mrs. Dana Weber, Technology Learning Coach
  • Mr. Eric Santos, Technology Learning Coach
  • Mr. Jay Duff, Network Specialist
  • Mrs. Terri Fisher, Student Data Specialist
  • Ms. Carolyn Glenn, Network Technician
  • Mrs. Sandy Klemm, Help Desk Technician
  • Mr. Dennis Solinko, Help Desk Technician

Our Purpose

The vision of Mannheim School District 83 is:  "All children can and will learn."  In connection with the district's vision, District 83's technology focus will work towards providing students with unlimited opportunities to attain high standards and prepare for tomorrow's workforce.  This will be accomplished by:

  • Instructional technologies will support our curriculum providing students access to a wide variety of integration resources for analyzing, problem solving, communicating, and fostering creativity while addressing diverse learning styles.
  • Telecommunication tools will support partnerships between Mannheim District 83 and others while encouraging students to become global, life-long learners.
  • Administrative technologies will improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks and also assist in students' on-going assessment and data analysis.
  • Today's technologies may not adequately meet the needs of tomorrow's learners, therefore District 83 will continue to evaluate and upgrade within its means, current, emerging technology tools and the district's infrastructure to support the needed learning environment.

Community Learning Nights