This page lists the addresses of the various buildings throughout the district.  We are excited that we have launched our new website in 2016-2017!  For a short period of time, users will be able to access the old school's websites from the list on this page.  To navigate to the new school's websites, use the school drop-down menu above.

Administration Center

10401 West Grand Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131

Phone (847) 455-4413
Fax (847) 451-2703

Mrs. Kim Petrasek, Superintendent
Mr. Michael Courington, Curriculum Director
Mrs. Alicia Cieszykowski, Business Manager
Mr. Robert Junna, Director of Technology

Enger School
Escuela Enger

10401 West Grand Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131

Phone (847) 455-5299
Fax (847) 455-2092

Erica Granada, Principal

Mannheim Middle School
Escuela Intermedia Mannheim

2600 Hyde Park Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60164

Phone (847) 455-5020
Fax (847) 455-2038

Mr. Tim Daley, Principal
Mrs. Laura Moore, Assistant Principal
Mr. Kevin Szczesniak, Assistant Principal

Mannheim Early Childhood Center
Centro de Temprana Niñez de Mannheim

101 West Diversey, Northlake, Illinois, 60164

Phone (847) 455-3611
Fax (847) 455-0143

Mrs. Shannon Cribaro, Director

Roy School
Escuela Roy

533 North Roy Street, Northlake, IL 60164

Phone (847) 451-2700
Fax (708) 562-9819

Mr. Joseph Stanislao, Principal
Ms. Amber Morgan, Assistant Principal

Scott School
Escuela Scott

2250 North Scott Street, Melrose Park, IL 60164

Phone (847) 455-4818
Fax (847) 455-2039

Ms. Lisa Schaffer, Principal
Mr. Jim Karas, Assistant Principal

Westdale School
Escuela Westdale

99 West Diversey Avenue Northlake, IL 60164

Phone (847) 455-4060
Fax (847) 455-2050

Mrs. Tara Kjome, Principal
Mr. Andy Petroline, Assistant Principal

Central Supply

10508 Nevada, Melrose Park, IL 60164

Phone (847) 451-2568
Fax (847) 455-2616