MECC Weekly News 1/15/21

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Good Evening Families. This is Shannon Cribaro, Director of MECC with our weekly message for January 15, 2021

We will be holding another Virtual Preschool screening on February 12, 2021. If your child has a sibling at home between the ages of  2- 4 years of age. Please call the MECC for a preschool screening packet the February screening. The packet must be returned by February 5th in order to participate in the preschool screening meeting on Feb 12th (by appointment only). A screening must take place to see if your child qualifies for the Pre-K program.  We are filling up spots for the remainder of this year and for next year. 


We will have a Social Distance Supply Pick up on Friday, January 22, 2021. Please practice social distancing and be sure to wear your face mask when you come to supply pick up. Supply Pick up is from 11:30-1:00   on Friday January 22, 2021 

Golden (Blue Room) & Colon  (Red Room) Door  13: Up the ramp by the parking lot on the west side of the building

Steininger (Green Room) & Cardenas  (Yellow Room) Door 14: Behind the playground to the door where you would enter the main office

Nielsen (Orange Room) & Pros (Purple Room) Door 17: Door 17 is located on Diversey in the front of   Westdale by the bus zone.

The CDC encourages everyone to continue wearing masks, wash your hands often, and practicing social distancing.  

District sent out a parent letter and will be sending a parent survey in regards to a Hybrid model for K-8 students.  MECC staff are planning for a Hybrid model (return to school part time and remote learning) to return to MECC in March. The MECC Hybrid model parent survey will be coming out In February to gather information from the parents to gather information on numbers of students who will be Hybrid or stay strictly remote.  

We thank you for your support and partnership.