MECC Weekly News 2/05/21

MECC Weekly News 2/05/21

Good Evening Families. This is Shannon Cribaro, Director of MECC with our weekly message for February 5,  2021

We will be holding Virtual Preschool screenings For March and April. Please contact the MECC office for your screening packet.  If your child has a sibling at home between the ages of  2- 4 years of age.  A screening must take place to see if your child qualifies for the Pre-K program.  We are filling up spots for the remainder of this year and for next year.

MECC staff are planning for a Hybrid model (return to school part time and remote learning) to return to MECC on March 15th. The MECC Hybrid model parent survey will be coming out next week for you to indicate your preference Hybrid / remote or strictly remote programming for your child.   More information to come to your next week.

Are you willing to serve your community? Committed to public education? A citizen of the United States? A resident of Mannheim School District 83 for at least one year? Mannheim School District 83 is recruiting a new school board member. If interested please call: Daria Bernardi 1-847-455-4413 ext. 1223 for details and to make an appointment.

Substitutes are needed -  To learn more or apply for a Substitute Teacher or Instructional Assistant position at Mannheim School District 83, please contact Kelly Education at or click the following link to schedule an interview with Kelly Education:

We thank you for your support and partnership.