End of the Year Parade!

mecc staff with balloons

Join us for the End of the Year Parade! It is this Friday, May 21 at 2:45 pm. Here are some important guidelines you must follow to ensure the safety of everyone. The parade will begin promptly at 2:45 pm, please do not start driving down before. You are to drive one way west on Diversey Ave until the end and exit towards Grand Ave. For everyone's health and safety, make sure to stay in your cars. The staff will be standing on the sidewalk on the school side of Diversey. Therefore, it would be best if the students are seated on the driver's side of the vehicle.enger

Be sure to look for your child's teacher's color! 

Ms. Colon -- Red Mrs. Golden -- Blue Ms. Cardenas -- Yellow Ms. Steininger -- Green Mrs. Pros -- Purple Mrs. Nielsen -- Orange Mrs. Lopez -- Rainbow All Other Staff -- Shapes