100th Day of School

January 23, 2020

Each class practiced counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s and made their own unique 100th Day creation!

Poster board with "100 Days of School" written at the top and a fish bowl drawn on with student pictures and 100 goldfish crackers inside.

Mrs. O'Sullivan's Class

Poster board that says "Happy 100 Days of School" in bubble letters with rainbow dots stamped inside.

Mr. Gershman's Class

Poster board with rainbow hand prints and numbers 1-100 written above each finger.

Mrs. Justiniano-Pascoe's Class

Poster board that says "100 Days to Make Our Mark on the World" and has 100 fingerprints in rainbow colors.

Mrs. Verest's Class

Poster board that says "Up and Away to Celebrate the 100th Day" and has 10 balloons counting up by 10s to 100.

Mrs. Cholewa's Class

Blue poster board with student pictures on the bottom, paper balloons with pom poms, and the saying "100 Days Have Flown By"

Mrs. Rossi's Class

Poster board with a pizza drawn on and one hundred toppings on it.

Mrs. Pilolla's Class

Poster board that says "100 Enger Super Heroes" and has 100 pictures of Enger staff and students on it.

Mr. VanFleet's Class

Poster board with brown jaguar drawn on and 100 colorful dots


The Enger Jaguar mascot was part of the day. The game was to see which class would put the most dots on him. Mrs. Cholewa's class had the most and put 109 dots on JJ!