Space Day

November 26, 2019

During November, we learned all about Space. We finished the month with a special afternoon of Space related activities!

Moon Walking

Male student walking with moon boots and two teachers beside him.
Student jumping through obstacle course with teacher standing beside him.

Blasting Off Into Space

Male student scooting on his stomach on a scooter and holding a glow stick.
Two male students on scooters, smiling at the camera.
Male student leaning on scooter and smiling at the camera.
Male student scooting across the floor on a scooter while laying on his stomach.

Investigating Moon Sand

Female student playing in a sand bin with glow sticks in it.
Male student and female teacher digging in sand bin.
Male student playing in sand bin with a big smile on his face.
Male student looking at the sand in the sand bin.


Male student and female student smiling at the camera and holding glow sticks.