Team 6-2 Homework Calendar


Optional Math IXL Homework: Expressions and Properties

Start: Jan 4, 2019 End: Jan 28, 2019 Multi-Day Event

Expressions and properties Y.1 Write variable expressions Y.2 Write variable expressions: word problems Y.3 Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers Y.4...

JAN 11

ELA: IXL Due: March 7, 2019

Start: Jan 11, 2019 End: Mar 7, 2019 Multi-Day Event
JAN 17

Science! Bring an empty soda can by Wednesday!

Start: Jan 17, 2019 7:00 AM End: Jan 24, 2019 8:00 AM Multi-Day Event
JAN 25

Complete the god / goddess rough draft with aspects of your newly created god/goddess. See Google classroom for examples.Due Monday.

JAN 26

Optional Math IXL #1

All Day Event

Optional Math IXL #1Level H = 6th GradeData and graphs:    GG.1 Interpret pictographs    GG.2 Create pictographs    GG.3 Interpret l...