Weekly Message- January 24, 2021

Weekly Message- January 24, 2021

Good Evening Parents, this is Tim Daley, Principal of Mannheim Middle School and here are the announcements for the upcoming week:

*Information for families that selected Hybrid Learning beginning February 4th, including busing information, schedules, safety protocols, and other important information will be placed in the mailed to families by the end of the week. Please be reminded that students who will be in the building during hybrid instruction will need to be in school uniform.  Blue pants, skirt, or shorts with a white collared shirt make up the District 83 school uniform.  Blue or white sweatshirts no logos or school logos are acceptable. Thanks!

*This coming Wednesday is a Planning Day for Teachers to prepare for Hybrid and Remote instruction.  There is No School for students.

*7th grade families should have received a replacement copy of the 2nd quarter report card due to a mistake in what was originally sent home.  Sorry for the confusion!

*Parents:  We are working on ways to increase the number of students who have their computer cameras on during class times each school day.  Since there will still be a significant number of students involved in remote learning for the foreseeable future, what are asking for your support in reminding your child to have their cameras on during class times to first, acknowledge they are present each day and second, to increase their interactions with the entire class and with the teacher.  We are having BIG challenges with this issue!!  The more they interact, the more they will learn.  Thanks for your help with this matter!  We will also begin to incorporate increased expectations with all of our fantastic students!

Have a great weekend!