Weekly Message- 2/7/21

Weekly Message- 2/7/21

Good Evening Parents, this is Tim Daley, Principal of Mannheim Middle School and here are the announcements for the upcoming week:

*This week, the 6th grade Hybrid students attend school in person on Tuesday, 7th grade on Thursday, and 8th grade on Friday.  It was great seeing the students this past week in the classrooms and hallways of Mannheim Middle School!

*On February 16th there will be another parent presentation.  This upcoming presentation will focus on responding to the social and emotional needs of children during this time.  Please feel free to share your own scenarios and the presenters will provide feedback.  

Jackie Rhew, LCPC will present at 6:00 p.m. in English and it will be co-facilitated by Mr. Kevin Szczesniak (AP at MMS) 

Andres Acosta, LCSW will present at 7:00 p.m. in Spanish and it will be co-facilitated by Mrs. Sandra Guzman (Tapestry Advocate)

The Google Meet code will be the same as last time (D83SuccessfulParenting).  Use your child's Chromebook to access the Google Meet.  If you have any questions, then please let us know.

*Friday is a Spirit Day at Mannheim Middle School.  It is Red and Pink Day to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend!  Kids coming to school and certainly students in remote learning can wear those colors and brighten up the entire school community!

*Parents:  We continue to work on ways to increase the number of students who have their computer cameras on during class times each school day in a virtual environment.  Because of the efforts of parents and teachers, we saw a noticeable increase in student participation this past week.  Let’s keep the momentum and continue to encourage students to meet the expectation of “Cameras On”!!!!  Thanks for your support!

*Also Parents:  There is an open District 83 School Board position at this time.  There is an official notice on the District website at www.d83.org or you can call the main office secretary, Daria Bernardi at 847.455.4413 x1223 for more details about the opportunity to represent the community on the Board of Education.

*Lastly, Just a reminder that students that are now coming to school should be dressed for the weather.  This cold weather snuck up on us and will be with us for a while….please talk to your child about being warm and safe!


Have a great Weekend!