Weekly Message 2-28-21

Weekly Message 2-28-21

GOOD EVENING, this is Tim Daley, Principal of Mannheim Middle School and here are the announcements for the upcoming week:

*There is No School on Monday due to the observance of Casmir Pulaski’s birthday.

*Tuesday is 6th Grade Hybrid Instruction Day for those 6th grade families that chose to be in person.  Thursday is for 7th grade Hybrid, and Friday is for 8th grade Hybrid as well.  Remember, those that made changes to their child’s status on the survey, those changes will not take effect until March 15th.  Information will be coming out soon for the families that made a change…..

*On Wednesday, which is a day when all students are remote so the building can be deep cleaned, we will be administering the 5 Essentials Survey to the students and we would like hear the voice of the students and how they feel about their school.  Encourage them to take the survey and voice their opinions on Wednesday!

*Friday is a Spirit Day at Mannheim Middle School.  It is “Twin Day”. Students can contact their friends and agree to dress up as twins.  Students at home and ones that come to school for in person instruction are welcome to join in the fun!

*Lastly, Do you have children at home between the ages of 2 and 4 who do not go to the Mannheim Early Childhood Center?  Mannheim Early Childhood Center is holding Virtual Preschool screenings for March and April. Please contact the MECC office at 847-455-3611 to get on the screening list.  Please note: a screening must take place to see if your child qualifies for the Pre-K program. Mannheim Early Childhood Center is filling up spots for the remainder of this year and registering students for the 21-22 school year now.

Have a great weekend!