Weekly Message 4/18/21

Weekly Message 4/18/21

Parents: State testing will continue tomorrow, April 19th.  All grade levels should be done with testing by the end of the week. 

Thursday is a Spirit Day with the theme of Favorite Hat Day.  All students are welcome to wear their favorite hats online or in person….we are looking to have some fun with this….they can be goofy hats or sport hats or beach hats or paper hats….all hats are welcome!  

Mannheim Families:

MMS is excited to continue our One Book, One School Reading Challenge this month.  All students have received an ebook copy (Digital/Online Book) of When the Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed.  Staff and students are reading this and participating in weekly challenges.  Headphones will be given to each hybrid student.  Earbuds were mailed home last Thursday for remote students...sorry those were mailed out a little late due to some postage problems.  Thank you to our very own student Gaby Rodriguez for designing the logo on the earbud case!  We love when reading brings us together as a school and community.  Check this book out with your student, you won't regret it!

Parents:  ACCESS Testing will begin on Monday April 26th.  ACCESS Testing is only for students who are in the Bilingual Program at Mannheim Middle School.  Bilingual Program students who come to school for in-person instruction will be tested on the days they are present at school.  Bilingual Program students who are full remote and have parents that would like them tested can call the office at 847.455.5020 and have them signed up to take the test.  We are asking parents that would like to have their remote child tested call before Friday, April 23rd at noon.  We will let you know about testing dates and bus service details if you qualify when you call.

8th Grade Parents: Graduation Details were revealed Friday evening by phone, email, and on Facebook.  We will also place them on the district webpage sometime tomorrow or Tuesday.