Email Guidelines

D83 e-mail information you really want to know!

Your D83 email account is provided by Mannheim School District 83 as a privilege to enhance the ease of communication and file movement within our district community. Check your email account at least twice a day (in the morning upon arrival and before you leave). By logging in and using your D83 email account, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of Mannheim District 83’s Acceptable Use Policy; you understand that you are personally responsible for your actions, and you accept the consequences and penalties for your actions.  Easy access to email is provided from the District website (, under the Staff tab.

Email is neither secure nor private. All email can be read at any point along its journey. The district reserves the right to review all electronic correspondence that uses district systems and facilities. Did you know that email messages in Illinois may be requested by the public under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act? The Act can be found at

If you use email to correspond with parents and/or students, remember to save all the messages in an email folder labeled accordingly. Email should never be used to discuss contentious, emotional or highly confidential issues. These issues should be dealt with face-to-face or by phone. Email messages to parents should be consistent with professional practices for other correspondence including grammar, format, and salutation.

Staff members should not use their D83 email address to register personal products, and/or fill in advertisements. You should guard your email address closely. Junk/spam mail filters can intercept a lot of information, like banking memos, travel plans, wedding plans, personal photo albums, radio station contests, AARP, real estate information…the list goes on and on. Many of these emails are immediately deleted…they will not reach your mailbox. Please use your personal email account, as opposed to D83's, for personal business, to ensure that these emails are delivered to your mailbox!

If everyone applies the following best practices, D83's email will be more efficient, responsive and secure:

  • Do not leave email messages in your inbox.  Create and use folders (labels) to sort and store information you want to keep. This not only helps organize your information so you can find things more quickly, it helps your inbox stay at a manageable size. In reality, you only need to have one folder besides your inbox but may choose to have many more.
  • Use a strong password. Consider using capitals with lowercase letters and numbers/symbols. Google passwords need to be at least eight characters long.
  • Each staff member (and student) is allowed 30 GB of space. Delete email messages you won't use as soon as you get them.
  • Empty the trash. This is one of those “Life Rules” that just makes sense.
  • Manage your sent-mail folder. If you automatically save copies of sent messages, remember to delete ones you don't need. Email conversations frequently include your original message. Think about it—do you really need to save the same content multiple times?
  • If you attach photos to email messages, please make sure they are compressed. Any huge files sent to “allstaff” or a school’s staff slow down the whole network.
  • Download attachments. Email attachments take up a lot of space. It's a good idea to save attachments to your computer, and then remember to delete the message from your email.
  • Don’t open up emails from unknown senders. Mark them as Spam.
  • When using Gmail inside the district, please remember to sign out of your account.  This can be done by clicking on your email address in the top, right hand corner of your screen, holding, and then selecting “Sign out”.  Google stays logged into your email if you do not log out of your account.  Keep your email secure, especially from student eyes.  This is not something new for only’s a best practice for any type of online account.