Welcome Staff

Please select from the various links to navigate through staff resources, links, and tools.  New staff, please see the information below to become familiar with Mannheim School District 83.

Technology Support

Ongoing life-long learning support

  • District Provided Professional Development
  • Technology Learning Coaches
  • Media Center Specialists
  • Literacy Staff Developers
  • Interventionists
  • Before/After school opportunities
  • E-mails and handouts

Technology Tools Available (and Reminders)

  • SMARTBoard projector and speakers (Turn off when not using)
  • Classroom computers (Turn off at end of day)
  • Classroom printers (Leave on at end of day)
  • MacBook Airs on carts (Turn off at end of day, and lock cart)
  • iPad carts (Lock the cart)
  • Computer labs (Turn off at end of class)
  • Laptop cart (COWS)  (Turn off at end of day, and lock cart)
  • Media center computer labs and staff
  • Peripherals: digital cameras, video cameras, printers, scanners, & copiers
  • Available software & subscriptions

Teacher Voicemail

  • Retrieve voicemails

School Messenger

  • Calls staff and parents with messages



  • Notebook software
  • AirServer

Technology purchase opportunity

  • Occurs in the fall

It's not about the technology, but rather the learning

  • Passive vs active learning:  If the answer can be found on Google, you might not be asking the right question.

Social Learning Network:

  • Twitter: #D83Shines

​​iPad/MacBook Rules

Policies and procedures

Staff Trainings

Mac basics

  • Macintosh Operating System
  • Security: Smoothwall
  • Saving options:  
    • Google Drive
    • Disks or jump drives
  • PC compatibility

District 83 Web Page

Subscription tools available

Using Google:  D83 e-mail, calendar and other goodies

  • Check everyday (beginning of day and before you leave school)
  • E-mail is not private. Only send e-mail messages that you wouldn't mind knowing that other strangers can read
  • District e-mail is not to be used for personal use (many e-mails end up in spam filter)
  • Different calendar layers (District, District Staff, School Calendars)
  • Google Classroom



  • Student Information System
  • PowerSchool automates critical functions like attendance, complex scheduling, classroom grading, and reporting, so student information is available when you need it, anywhere, anytime.
  • PowerTeacher Power Teacher Pro and Gradebook...within PowerSchool
  • Student PowerSchool- Student Username PowerSchool Password; Student Password is Student Web Password
  • Final Grade Set-up