New Staff Orientation

While gathering

  • Digital pictures
  • Questionnaire: Your questions/thoughts/ideas about technology in D83


  • Warm-up
  • Concept map
  • Digital conversion in D83

Technology Support

Ongoing life-long learning support

  • Many staff development opportunities
  • Technology Learning Coaches
  • Media Center specialist
  • After school sessions/classes
  • E-mails and handouts
  • Technology Collaboratives

Technology tools available

  • SMARTBoards (turn off when not using)
  • Classroom computers (turn off at end of day)
  • Classroom printers (leave on at end of day)
  • Labs (always turn off at end of class)
  • Media Center computers and staff
  • Laptop cart (COWS)  (lock cart)
  • MacBook Airs (Locked in cart)
  • iPads (locked in cart)
  • Peripherals: digital cameras, video cameras, flips, scanners & copiers
  • Available software

Teacher Voicemail

  • How to access

School Messenger

  • Calls staff and parents with messages



  • Smart response systems
  • Document cameras
  • Notebook software

Technology purchase opportunity

  • Fall

It's not about the technology, but rather the learning

Social Learning Network:

iPad Rules

Policies and procedures

Staff Trainings

Mac basics

  • Macintosh Operating System
  • Dock
  • Security: DeepFreeze-OS 10
  • Saving options:  
    • Account on school server
    • Public folder on server
    • Google Account
    • "Our Creations" on hard drive
    • Disks or jump drives
  • PC compatibility

District 83 Web Page

Subscription tools available

Using Google:  D83 e-mail, calendar and other goodies

  • Web-based
  • Check everyday (beginning of day and before you leave school)
  • E-mail is not private. Only send e-mail messages that you wouldn't mind knowing that other strangers can read
  • Spam and junk mail
  • District e-mail is not to be used for personal use (many e-mails end up in spam filter)
  • Different calendar layers
  • Google Drive
  • Google Classroom
  • How to...

Using D83 servers

  • Access from our Web site or your computer's desk top
  • Each staff member is given an account on your school's storage server
  • Public folder is a public place to save something you want to share with others. Items are not protected.
  • Save often. We keep back-up tapes of all items saved to the server.
  • "Our Creations" is a temporary saving folder on computer desktops to save. Anyone who sits at that computer has access to all files in that folder.



  • Student Information System
  • PowerSchool automates critical functions like attendance, complex scheduling, classroom grading, and reporting, so student information is available when you need it, anywhere, anytime.
  • PowerTeacher and Gradebook...within PowerSchool
  • Final Grade Set-up
  • Best practices


  • Email documents to yourself.

Classroom Telephones

  • Teacher's Voicemail

Final Activity

  • All About Me in Google Docs
    • What do you want others to know about you in our district? Must be completed and shared with me before you leave today.