Family Reading Night

Family Reading Night

This Thursday, November 19, 2020 will be Family Reading Night. 

Family Reading Night is an annual statewide event held the third Thursday in November to encourage families to spend quality time reading together. The next Family Reading Night will be November 19, 2020.

If you participate, please email with your photo. Photos will be shared on Class Dojo!

Here are some ideas for a fun family reading night! 

1. Book & Dinner: Pick a book to read as a family. It could be a picture book that can be read in one sitting, or a chapter book that you read over the course of several days. As you read to your child, talk about any food that the characters eat or might eat in the story. Then, for dinner have those same foods. Your dinner conversation can revolve around the book as well. Let each person discuss their favorite part of the story. Ask each other, "If you could be a character in the book, who would you choose? Why?"

2. Make a fort: Kids love forts! Have them set it up and then read in the fort with a flashlight.

3. Indoor Reading Picnic: Lay a blanket on the floor. Bring a basket of books to the picnic and a few snacks such as cheese and crackers. Enjoy reading together.

4. Schedule a family Google Meet or Zoom with family and share stories together.