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Kindergarten students who have IEPs will begin receiving SL services on August 20, 2018.  All KG students will be screened on September 6, 2018.  Students will be screened for skill levels in the areas of articulation, receptive language, expressive language, social skills, speaking fluency, and voice quality.  If a delay or concern is indicated the student may receive support within the classroom to address this area.  Parents will be notified of these services and updated on the progress made at the end of the quarter. 


1st Grade:  

First graders are learning to describe items by category, attribute, function, location, example, and non-example.  The more you can explain about a word the better you will remember it.  We listen and practice following lots of directions.  This helps us learn new vocabulary, improve our listening skills, and learn to organize.  First graders also work on effective language expression for retelling stories and sharing ideas verbally.

Other first graders are working on improving their speech production skills.  Parents, remember to use the Jolly Phonics signs as cues for correct speech productions.  Be a good speech model and encourage your child to try and use their BEST SPEECH whenever possible.  It's important to let them know you are listening and their to offer support!

2nd Grade: 

Students in Ms. Forkel and Mrs. Dahl's class will be working with Mrs. McNeice on understanding complex language and using complex sentence structures in their speaking and writing.  We will also work on pragmatic skills such as turn-taking and responding to others' comments.

Students in Mrs. Matula's class will be working on increasing length and complexity or verbal utterances.  We will work to increase understanding and use of vocabulary and on answering questions to show comprehension.  We will continue to practice accurate speech sound productions, especially consonant blends!

Students in Mrs. O'Malley's class have picked up where we left off last year with increasing articulation skills.  We have reviewed accurate sound productions and are working towards using our best speech sounds in spontaneous sentences.


3rd Grade:

Students in Mr. Sopron and Ms. Pettenuzzo's class will see a lot of Mrs. McNeice this year!  We will target many receptive and expressive language skills as well as pragmatic skills such as turn-taking, listening effectively, and responding to peer comments.  Mr. Sopron and Ms. Pettenuzzo use the, "Listen, Listen Again, Think, Do" strategy.  We always listen twice, think first, complete all parts, and check for accuracy when following directions or completing assigned tasks.  This year we will work on strategies for effectively asking for help, effectively describing words, and effectively remembering information. 

Students in Mrs. Leather's class will see Mrs. McNeice during Writer's Workshop.  What a great time to practice expanding the length and complexity of our spoken and written sentences as well as increasing our correct grammar use. 


4th Grade:

Students in Ms. Schuster's class will have Mrs. McNeice in their room during Science/SS.  We will practice our strategies for listening effectively and using key words to remember and state important information.  Mrs. McNeice LOVES vocabulary and we will learn how to listen for content word meanings during lessons.  We will practice slow, easy speaking during small and large group activities and create some nonverbal cues Mrs. Schuster can use to help us remember to speak fluently. 

Students in Mrs. Hernandez's class will work with Mrs. McNeice on speaking fluency and clarity.  We will build on our progress from last year and look to be even better!


5th Grade:



SLP Club:  

Mrs. McNeice and Mrs. Matula hope to start SLP Club soon.  Permission slips will be sent home soon with dates etc.