student running and jumping while looking at the camera
two students doing a color by number activity at Best Buddies
school logo with "parent trainings during parent teacher conferences march 21 and march 23" written below it
students and teacher in caps and gowns standing in front of photo backdrop of school mascot
photography equipment set up in a school gym
student posing after rolling the ball down the bowling alley lane
denim baseball cap with chicago on it in front of a baseball stadium background
student balancing on a balance board
heart made out of sparklers
performers on the ice under rainbow streamers
person looking at a graph on an iPad
bulletin board that says "100 Days at Enger"
student gluing cotton balls and snowflakes on a paper hat
disney castle lit up in purple lights
teacher holding a "go" visual while a student uses the robot on a number line
rainbow colored paint dripping down
soccer ball sitting on a soccer field
be kind written on a black and white speckled background
happy new year written in scrabble tiles on a green background
happy holidays written on wood background with holiday garland and candy canes around it