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Due to guidance from the CDC, IDPH, and the Illinois State Board of Education, temperature checks will not occur on school busses or at the school entrance anymore for the start of the new school year. For students to attend school in person at MMS, Roy, Scott, and Westdale, parents are required to certify from home that their child is in good health and free of COVID-19 symptoms before sending their child to school each day. MMS parents will certify by 7 a.m. and Roy, Scott, and Westdale parents will certify by 8 a.m. This certification process was launched in June 2021 for summer school and summer enrichment students, and parents were able to successfully certify their children, and the district was able to adhere to public health guidance.

All parents need to create and use an active PowerSchool Parent account and will need to submit certification on a device each morning.  Go to the district website at for more detailed information and tutorials in English and Spanish.  Parents, you are invited to receive virtual training on weekdays at 8:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. until August 10, 2021.  You may come for a short visit, or stay for a while.  Parents may use their smartphones, tablets, or any devices and our staff will help you to go through all the steps to set up your PowerSchool Parent account in English and Spanish. You will even be able to practice submitting your daily certification.

The district will be offering the following raffle prizes.

  • 5, 25-dollar gift cards to Walmart for parents who attended training.
  • 5, 100-dollar gift cards to Target for parents who practice certifying their child each day between July 26 and August 10 (not counting weekends) Yes, you can certify right now with your Parent PowerSchool account
  • 5, 25-dollar gift cards to Amazon for parents who have an active PowerSchool Parent account, and who have logged in at least 1 time by the first day of school

All parents who certify on time every day between the first day of school and Labor Day will be entered into a raffle for 1 of these grand prizes: 

  • Apple AirPods Pro,
  • Apple Watch
  • Amazon Echo
  • Gourmet Gift Basket

Detailed Certification Information in English:

Detailed Certification Information in Spanish: