Human Resources


Cameron Wiley

Director of Human Resources

Phone: (847) 455-4413 x1287
Fax: (847) 455-9247

Human Resource Role
The role of Human Resources is to provide for the advancement of District 83 students through the process of hiring, evaluating, supporting, and retaining the highest quality employees to teach students and manage district operations.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating the recruiting, hiring, evaluation, and retention of district employees including administrators, aides/support staff, clerical/secretarial, custodial/maintenance, substitutes, teachers, and transportation personnel.

  • Processing and maintenance of personnel records

  • Verification of employment for current and past employees

  • Certification/Licensure verification of aides, substitutes, teachers, and administrative staff

  • Monitoring the compliance of state and federal laws concerning personnel issues and labor issues, examples include notification, training, and data reporting requirements

  • Collaborating with other District 83 departments to assist with any personnel functions such as benefits, payroll, staffing, and job requirements

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